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A very articulate post just put up last night by one of our members cut close to the bone for me, “Socially Inept By Design”.

Like so many of you have expressed throughout the forums, and, I suppose, one of the reasons why many of you are members of TLS, is exactly because of this loneliness.

I’ve made significant friendships here on TLS. If I were to go to any one of your cities and meet up with you in a coffee shop or pub, I know we would hug and sit down to a great conversation and be like best buddies.

But we do miss the face to face, don’t we? I know I do. I’ve had to learn, like the post above suggests, how to make new friends. With the church it was all automatic and served up on a platter and the connections were assumed. Now, Lisa and I have to often initiate getting together with other people we don’t know very well and working the relationship. It takes effort. It is scary. It is a brand new experience.

But it’s worth the try. We’ve made and are making new friends. The interesting thing is we can talk about things we are passionate about, as can they. Often our conversations roll around to spirituality. Everyone has stories. There’s a deeper connection that we can explore and find and exercise.

The world can be a friendly place.

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