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Love your previous selves. Love your later selves still to come.

The Lasting Supper isn’t a site that promotes one way of believing or any certain theological or philosophical standpoint or morality. Rather, it represents the vast diversity of beliefs and non-beliefs, a wide spectrum of positions, viewpoints, practices and philosophies.

So when we see somebody on TLS that believes something we used to but don’t anymore, we can say, “That used to be me. I embrace it because it is a part of my journey without which I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love that part of myself.”

Or when we see somebody on TLS that is in a place far different from us, that perhaps is further down the line than we can even imagine, we can say, “Who knows? Maybe that will be me in a few years. In any case, that person has been on a journey to get to where she is and I respect that. I love whatever I may become, nevertheless.”

Love your past. Love your future. Then you will have a heart big enough to love everyone else.

This is what makes a healthy community.