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Well, a few of our members have asked that I post my cartoons and posts that I post on nakedpastor here as well. I assumed, without really thinking about it, that TLS members could check out the nakedpastor site for the cartoons and that I would post other stuff for daily snacks here. But they brought something to my attention. They said that they would like to comment on them but would never think of doing so on nakedpastor because of the possible hostility they would encounter from some readers there.

So, for the daily snacks I’ll be posting my cartoons here as well and you can feel free to comment in a friendly atmosphere. Of course, I’m going to continue posting lots of stuff here for TLS members unavailable anyhwere else. Cool? Cool!

martin luther king jr. day 2013 cartoon by david hayward

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2013” (pen & pencil)