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Something we learn as we grow up, or should learn, is that it is not helpful to judge people by measuring them against ourselves. It isn’t wise to use ourselves as a gauge for the lives of others. That’s immature and small-minded.

Of course, in some ways we simply cannot help seeing others through our own eyes and perspectives. But it is knowing this that is crucial and important for healthy discourse and relationships.

This is what we often find so frustrating in discussions. When someone insists they are right and if we don’t agree with them then we’re wrong, it is impossible to argue with them. It’s like trying to reason with a petulant child.

So when it comes to theology, worldview, sexuality, politics, religion… you name it… it is so important to do everything that we can to understand what people are saying through their perspective. The world and the people in it is incredibly diverse and therefore incredibly beautiful.

This is beautifully expressed in one our member’s post, Never Underestimate the Importance of Community.