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Just because I left the church doesn’t mean I’m lost and confused. These are common misconception placed upon those who have left:

  1. Your bitter and won’t forgive
  2. You just didn’t find the right church.
  3. You are criticizing the bride of Christ
  4. You are too intellectually curious.
  5. You get hurt too easily.
  6. You are rebellious and unwilling to submit to authority.
  7. ** fill in the blank with what you’ve been told

On and on. Wounded and lost and confused. But… wait a minute… it’s still okay to be wounded, lost and confused. Or anything else! But that doesn’t define me!

But that’s not what I see on The Lasting Supper! I see people who are alive and well, finding their voices, drumming up their own courage, standing on their own two feet, and refusing to be held down or pushed around.

Join in on the Hangout tonight. We’re talking with one of our members, Pam, who fled from Mars Hill Church… Mark Driscoll’s domain. You’ll see that Pam is anything BUT weak, lost and confused.

Help yourself!