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Hi everyone!

Last night the son of one of our members, @Wayne, passed away. Mark had been sick almost his entire life, and he died last night. Wayne has shared his story with us. This is what Wayne posted on Facebook last night:

“At 7:09pm, as the sun set, and in the presence of his family, Mark Andrew Rumsby signed off. He was the youngest of our 3 and was nestled between his sisters Lynn and Erin as he faded away. He lived his life with some unidentified genetic disorder. He had no words, but developed a way of looking at people that transcended speech. It took him five years to learn to walk, and then it was with a walker. Marky, as we affectionately called him, was a very special kid and touched many lives, and will be missed by many.”

@John has kindly started a thread devoted to @Wayne today. If you would like to contribute something… a song, a thought, a prayer, a kind word, a picture… anything… you are welcomed to do so. GO HERE TO CONTRIBUTE

We are doing another Hangout this Friday night! We’re talking with @PamWerner who used to be a part of Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill church. Should be wildly interesting! To sign up, GO HERE.

See you Friday night!