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Even though I posted this on nakedpastor this morning, I wanted to post it here because it is in defense of the members of The Lasting Supper. I don’t know of anyone here enjoying a pity party. You all seem strong, healthy and wise to me. And you’re fun to hang out with.

When someone starts to show pity for you because you don’t go to church, here’s 3 simple steps you can take to respond:

  1. Thank them for their concern. Even though it’s unfounded, in their own ignorant way they are expressing concern.
  2. Show your “but”. I like big “buts” and I cannot lie. This one word transitions the conversation into your court.
  3. Introduce your position. They were honest with you. Be honest with them! Tell them how you honestly feel.

So it can look like this: When someone says to you, “I’m so sorry you are so wounded by the church and why you left blah blah blah…”, you can say, “Thanks for your concern, but actually I’ve never felt better my whole life! This was definitely a step in the right direction.” That puts the issue back in their court and they have to deal with the countless possibilities your statement creates.

This isn’t copyrighted. Edit and adapt it to your own style and use it!