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Last week we had a Potluck with @Rachel and @Happy about “Spirituality and Love”. How do we maintain our spiritual independence and find, change or keep our romantic relationships? It was a great chat with these two wonderful members of TLS.

At the beginning of that Potluck, Rachel, who is a professional musician, sang us a song she had just written. The quality of the sound was poor, so I asked her to please send me the lyrics and a clean version of the song. She just sent it to me and I’m posting it here for you today. Beautiful!

Listen to the song by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Here are the lyrics:

all i know of love

lost on the deepest sea
rain pouring around me
fastened to the deep
your weight over me

you speak to my darkest night
a dance of light
when your lips found mine
you showed me colors i’d seen
only in my dreams

this is all i know of love
all i want from love
so deep and high above
and i am reaching up
oh the gravity
the one with which you hold me
love asked for all of me
so i give all of me
you’re all i know of love

let them take all your time
i know whats mine
the parts that they don’t see
belong to me