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Try to not say one negative thing about yourself all day. Not one negative thing! Don’t say, “I suck at this!” or “I really messed up!” or “I’m such an idiot!” or “I can’t do it.” Just try it for one day.

I’ve discovered something. Words have power. When I was back in the Vineyard church they like to call them blessings and curses. Although they superstitionalized it, there is power in a positive or negative word. That’s why we need to be so careful about the words we speak over our children or others in our lives. One negative word can kill the spirit of another. One perfectly placed criticism that takes 5 seconds to say can take the criticized person a lifetime to try to recover from. You know this because you experience it yourself. I actually believe I cursed myself many years ago about an issue and now it’s my life’s project to turn that around into a blessing.

So why do we do this to ourselves?

Over time you will notice that once you eliminate the negative words, the negative thoughts that fueled them diminish. There is a connection.

Try it. I try to do it. Sometimes I fail at this. OOPS! I take that back. I should say “Sometimes I succeed at this!”

Have a great day encouraging yourself!