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sophia rooted drawing by david hayward

Sophia “Rooted” (pen and ink and charcoal dust on paper, 8″x10″)

Oh my goodness this took me hours to draw. Around 30! Phew! But I’m pleased with the results.

There are times in our lives when we may feel ungrounded. There are times when we may rely on the strength of others to sustain us. Like this forest of trees. They really do need each other to withstand the weathering winds.

However, although there are many gathered together, each one of them is separate, distinct and unique. Independent!

One of the things that Sophia has had to learn is to be self-sustaining, confident and strong in herself. She had to dig deep within herself and find her own roots. She had to trust herself, that she was okay. She had to believe in herself… that she can sink her roots deep to find her own nourishment, absorb it in her own way, and live her own life uniquely. She is learning to be independent.

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