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You’ve heard this joke, haven’t you?

What is the stretchiest material in the bible? Skin, because Moses tied his ass to a tree and walked to Bethel.

I’m thankful you guys are made of stretchy material. We keep making changes at The Lasting Supper, but it’s only because we want to make TLS as useful and pleasurable to use as possible. We have some awesome ideas ready to implement. “Pretty. Simple.” (I want to trademark that!)

We tried all kinds of things. But we’re finding our groove. We used Hangouts but they are so complicated and not everyone can participate or enjoy them. We’ll do them sometimes but we can’t rely on them to facilitate democratic community. We’ve tried chatrooms but too many people found them confusing and crazy. We’ll still use them to cross paths and chat things up. I would love there to be a “Master Chat” person who would open chatrooms once in a while. Let me know. We’re using a secret Facebook group for TLS that is really active. If you want an invite let the administrators know: me or PamWerner or Moxierocks. I’ve started The Lasting Supper Podcast that more people are appreciating than all the other things. You can listen to them on the site or iTunes or Stitcher. Let me know if you want to be on a podcast.

Food food food and more food. That’s why we call it The LASTING Supper. It just keeps coming.

Do you know anyone who needs this? Invite them!