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I wrote a post and drew a cartoon today for nakedpastor that has to do with denial called “Life’s Tsunamis and the Four Stages of Denial”. You might find it helpful. But I thought I would write the opposite for you as a balance.

Sometimes it’s fun to act like a child. Let me explain.

It’s funny how a movie can have an everlasting effect on you. There was this foreign film I saw over 20 years ago of a photographer who was passionate about photography but ended up working for a tile company just taking photos of the tiles they made for their catalog. So boring! His wild brother comes to visit him and he resents his freedom. One day he is on his way to the factory to take photos of yet more tile and they come across this beautiful scene of cattle on a hill with a farm in the background as the sun sets. Stunning! They stop. The wild brother says that would be an amazing photo. But the equipment’s in the trunk. The photographer thinks for a minute and then says, “Ah, fuck it!” and drives on.

I decided right then that I would never miss beautiful opportunities when they are given to me. I wish I could remember the name of that film because I would like to see it again, but I can’t. Maybe you can tell me what it is.

So yesterday was a rather bleak winter’s day. But just as the sun was setting Lisa said, “David, look!” I looked out the window at what she was pointing at and saw this. I wanted to take a photo, but between me and that view are a bunch of power poles and wires. In my mind I said, “Ah, fuck it!” But as soon as I said that I realized I had to take a photo. So, even though it was freezing outside and snow was falling, I slid into my big boots and without a coat on ran outside, down my driveway, across the road, down the bank and to the river’s shore. I took the photo. I was laughing to myself how ridiculous I must have looked to anyone watching. I felt like a child running to catch a glimpse of some wild fantastic wonder.

I realize this: yes, life can be hard. Entire days, weeks, months, or years can be bleak. But once in a while something brilliant can break through. And I don’t ever want to miss it.

It was wonderful. For a moment I was as happy as a delighted, giggling child in a beautiful dream.

And look at the photo I got!