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Of all chapters found in that book I so now dislike and feel irreverence towards, Proverbs 8 still stands the test of my salvation from Christianity

Proverbs 8 to me melding what I think now, and what I thought in the past is the personification of wisdom as a woman. To me in my youth she was a beggar. Now she is a strong proud goddess.

This ascension is the ascension of my anima.

I feel as if Christianity to me was the testing ground of my youth. To till the ground and dig for truth amongst weeds and thistle.

I found truth and left that ground barren.

I was first moved away from it all when I read the Bhagavad Gita. In this Krishna I simply saw the same Christ that was preached from pulpits as one of a kind. Could this be an imitation?

No, I found truth that the Christ can be found in many cultures and not my single monotheistic culture alone. (a side note Hinduism is a monotheistic religion in the way that a friend spoke of being “monotheism explained”)

This predated the infamous Zeitgeist video, although this wasn’t a Zeitgeist moment. The interpretation that many walk away with was that Jesus was simply a photocopy. Sure, why not. However I walked away seeing that the Christ figure (as opposed to the controversial Jesus figure) was real.

I just couldn’t go by that name Jesus any more. I revere this side of God simply as the logos, but reverence is as far as I go.

I also began seeing Christ in movies. I saw him in the figure of Neo.

In the first draft of the Matrix’s sequel Neo flies up to Trinity who is meditating on a mountain. He holds out his hand beckoning her to step out and fly with him. She falls of course and a superman moment later she is scooped up and saved.

It is in our imagination I found the Christ.

This continuous search for truth led me further (i may blog about this journey) from gnosticism, the buddhism, and now all the way to Thelema.

It has been an interesting journey for sure.