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When I started The Lasting Supper about a year and a half ago, the branding guy that came up with the name also came up with our motto or slogan: “Help Yourself!”

It was perfect. And it still is. Why? For a few reasons:

  1. Regardless of what you’ve been taught, the truth is that you are alone responsible for yourself. I remember when I first started using the phrase “spiritual independence” how angrily some people responded. Many people falsely believe you should submit to another person’s idea of what you need.
  2. Relying on others to feed you, help you, fix you, is a dead-end street. You will always experience disappointment, deep hunger and maybe even starvation. It is a buffet where you get to choose what you need and want and not rely on other’s opinions on what you need or want.
  3. Your independence, helping yourself, is not going to come to you without struggle. Any group that wants independence has to sue for it, fight for it, and struggle diligently to keep it. Feeding yourself is a grownup thing to do.

When we were newborns we were fed with a breast or bottle. When we were babies we were fed with a spoon. When we were children we were fed what we were served. Now as adults it is time for us to accept the responsibility and privilege to help ourselves.

The Lasting Supper: Help Yourself!