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Some believe that our deepest hunger is for meaning. Our minds want to know. We want to understand. We won’t rest until we find the story line so that we can make sense out of the chaos of our lives.

When you make a move to become more independent and make a significant change in your life, often a feeling of chaos will ensue. There is often an overwhelming sense of loss of meaning. We try to make sense out of it. Let’s say you’ve left the church. It has provided stability for your whole life. Now you are out on your own. Now you flounder trying to make sense of your life. What does this mean? Where do I find support now? How will I learn? Who will care or pray for me? Will I go to heaven or will I go to hell? Is there a hell? How do I avoid it if there is one? You know the drill.

Frantically trying to discern meaning during these times can actually be a huge source of stress, shame, anxiety, guilt and a sense of failure. Instead, during these times it is helpful to simply stop trying to find meaning. Let your mind rest. Just be in the moment. Appreciate what is. Relish your freedom and your new taste of independence.

The need for meaning will actually change in this healthy being present.