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We all know the power that words can have over us. They can lift us up or beat us down.

For me, it takes about 100 compliments for me to start feeling good about myself, and about 1 insult to take them all away. I exaggerate, but you get my point.

You have to really believe in what you are doing is right for you. Then you ensure that those you trust the most… not yes-people, but people you trust will be honest with you… surround yourself with them. And listen to them.

I get a lot of flak for what I do… both nakedpastor and The Lasting Supper. But I have several people around me who are honest, will speak the truth, and on whom I can depend for encouragement or guidance. Lisa. Friends both online and local. Other business people and entrepreneurs.

Rely upon these people in practical ways. So, for example, yesterday I get a nasty email from someone that strikes at my Achille’s heel and cripples me. I immediately reached out to some of these people by email, phone and Skype and got immediate feedback. Because they care and they believe in me and what I’m doing. I’m still on the same path I was on before, but strengthened with encouragement.

Something that continually comes up in our forum discussions is dealing with people in your lives who are constantly discouraging you. Especially family and past church members and friends. I love this sensitive post by one of our members: “How Do We Respond to Questions Challenging Our Decision to Leave Church”. That sums it up well.

There seems to be way more people out there willing to give a corrective or scolding word. Even their questions are cloaked condemnations. So find those few people you can trust to encourage you in your decision with good words. You will find that you will gather the energy and strength and even joy to carry on.