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one love two stories drawing by david hayward

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I call this “One Love Two Stories”. The power of words. I spent many years in a culture that believed in the power of pronouncing blessings over people and that they had effect. This culture also believed that you could be cursed and that these words would negatively affect your life as well.

I remember one story, probably an urban legend, that there was a clothing manufacturer in China that stitched curses into the lining of its clothing that was sold in the West. People really believed that wearing such a garment with a curse sewn into it would negatively affect your life. Some people even died!

I didn’t believe it. But I have had powerfully negative words spoken over me. Sometimes I’ve wondered, when things are going so uncannily wrong, if there wasn’t some kind of curse over my life. Like with money for instance.

Not sure to this day. I do believe in the power of words when they sink into my own heart and mind… like a virus… that slowly sickens me in some way. I can see that. But someone across the world praying a negative prayer over me and it having affect without any of my knowledge sounds like voodoo to me.

But some smart people believe in voodoo.

These two young women share love. One lives in condemnation and shame. The other one lives in acceptance and confidence. All because of words.

Do you know what I mean?