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Agree or disagree, and why?

No one knows what The Ultimate is in and of Itself, whatever or whoever it may be. Even our perceived man-made constructions may or may not obtain at least in parts. We have no way of knowing. So, I believe, for ANYONE to suggest that they know what is or is not is holding an arrogant (or at least immature) position. But if we can admit to ourselves that we simply do not know, though we do have nature and personal experiences in life which may lead us to BELIEVE something may be so, then we have at least differentiated between that which can be known and that which ends up being believed. I believe this to be a humble position to take. To fall too hard into either extreme simply reveals one’s commitment to their beliefs (or lack of confidence in the others’ beliefs), while at the same time there are some things that we can intimate with some degree of confidence that may or may not actually obtain. There is always trouble to be had when any of us suggests strongly that we know the way things are or are not (having to do with the subject at hand, that is), because others have not been able to convince us otherwise. And I have to point out that our stage of psychological development along with many other contributing factors throughout our lives form within us (and variously so) a plethora of differences between us. Mystery seems to abound both within and external to our human selves. This is a very difficult proposition to accept.