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Hi guys!

You know, I never ever expected that TLS would become the community it has. It just goes to show that I think what we want most out of life is love. We want to be connected. Actually, the desire for connection is a desire for the manifestation of what already is. Feeling connected manifests our deeper connection that already exists.

So I can tell you guys as friends that the accident really gave us a beating. Physically we are a bit sore and getting checked out. But it really applied a blow to our spirits. The insurance company told us yesterday we are covered for a rental car, so we’re getting one today and going on a little road trip to see some old friends. Just a couple of hours away… but away. That’s the point.

I think of you guys all the time. I really do love you. I feel your love in return. My arms extend to you. Yours to me.

This is a beautiful thing.