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I drew this chart this morning to try to roughly illustrate the two different ways we can view our journeys.

The first way, the one on the left, is to believe that we are “all over the place”, wandering, lost, confused, indecisive, floundering. Those who stick with the faith and the church might look upon you and judge you as a backslider, lost, a “prodigal”, and you may accept that negative opinion of yourself and your life.

The second way, the one on the right, is to believe that you are on a path and that all these things are being folded into your life, your journey. You aren’t wandering to them, but they are coming into your life. As you endeavor to be more wise, honest, authentic, true to yourself, knowledgeable, and spiritual, you invite all kinds of views, perspectives, beliefs, philosophies, etcetera, into your life.

The first way is a poverty perspective. The second way is an abundant perspective.

It’s all how you look at it.