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My favorite scientific reading is that of physicist David Bohm (1917-1992). I suspect he influenced my thinking to the extent that I had my waterfall dream which in turn prompted me to start writing the z-theory.

His scientific and quantum theories are fascinating. They are deeply spiritual. Pick up “The Essential David Bohm” edited by Lee Nichol if you can. He and the world philosopher Krishnamurti had frequent conversations, some of which can be viewed on Youtube.

Bohm refused to answer directly if there was a God. But in an interview, he responded this way:

“… people had insight in the past about a form of intelligence that had organized the universe and they personalized it and called it God. A similar insight can prevail today without personalizing it and without calling it a personal God.”

In another interview, he admitted that he himself felt this intelligence was compassionate.

This rests comfortably with me.