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Good morning my friends. I just wrote a post on nakedpastor “How Close Do You Follow the Shepherd” that immediately pertains to The Lasting Supper. Please go read it and look at the cartoon. It might get a chuckle out of you. But I think what I wrote is important in describing who we are. Here’s a quote from the last paragraph:

But here is the ramifications that we are seeing today: the questioner, who is advised to lovingly find another church, is thereby launched into a life-long pursuit of seeking a church where she must agree with everything that is taught. Which is, for a questioner, impossible! The question, rather than accepted as the natural lifeblood of intelligence, is treated as a dilemma. This, in part, explains why the world outside the church is filling up with people full of unanswered questions without a venue in which to discuss them.

I see a new kind of community in which the members have questions and those who have the answers will be the problem.

What do you think?