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In Philippians 2, the famous hymn of the humility of Jesus, there is a great declaration that Jesus, being God, humbled himself and became a human being.

This is one of our biggest problems as Christians or any kind of religious person… just being human beings. It’s okay to be human. It’s okay to be a person. It’s okay to be regular. It’s okay to be normal. The tendency of religion to hype everything up and require us to reach for something extra super amazingly unbelievable is incessant, toxic and soul-killing. I constantly remind people: it’s okay to just be human and live life. That’s amazing enough!

Many saints would agree. Just enjoying the simple things of life. Sleeping. Getting up in the morning. Making a cup of Vanilla Café Breve. Reading. Walking. Talking. Making love. Eating. Drinking. Working. These are all filled with what we would call the sacred. There is no separation of sacred and secular. It’s all good.

So relax. Lose the hype. Because apparently to be like God all you have to do is become a human being.