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No I don’t listen to sermons anymore. Rarely anyway. Well, no I don’t. I haven’t in a long time. I tried to listen to a sermon someone linked me and it was just so… I don’t know… I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t touching me where I’m at.

And I rarely pick up my bible. I do once in a while. But you already know that I’ve studied the bible meticulously for decades, even learning the original languages and taking exegesis from the experts like David Scholer and Gordon Fee. Sometimes I preached from the original Hebrew or Greek just because I could. I was immersed in the bible. Very saturated. But when I left the ministry and the church, my need to weekly dig up a fresh message from the bible evaporated.

But there are other ways to hear. There are other vehicles for truth. There are other means of receiving revelations. I’m not necessarily talking about from God, although this may apply to you. It may just mean gaining insight into what is True. Here’s just a few I’ve found effective at times:

  1. movies
  2. fiction
  3. music
  4. people-watching
  5. nature
  6. visual arts
  7. meditation
  8. sex
  9. philosophy/science/math
  10. friendship

What are some of yours?