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So…lucky enough to have a Skype conversation with David today. Always invigorating. Always challenging. Always reminds me that I’m sane. I’m grateful.

We caught up. We shared stories. We commiserated. We talked of our endless desires, his and mine. Mine? To somehow tell the stories of women in Scripture in ways that are un-if-not-dis-connected from the theology, the doctrine, the dogma, and centuries-old tellings that don’t do them (or us) justice.

And he told me I should share it with you (along with his ever-so-gentle/firm encouragement that I hang out here with all of you more often)!

So though there is much I could say, this feels most succinct – by way of invitation. (You can read what follows or you could cut to the chase and just see the official stuff on my site:

Imagine it: While rummaging through your grandmother’s attic, in an endless attempt to sort, to clean, to tie up ever-fraying loose ends, you come across an old, dusty book. When opening it, your eye catches the inscription on the inside cover:

To my daughter. May you always know you are companioned, befriended, and never alone. Love, mom.

It slowly dawns on you that this book was given to your grandmother’s mother from her mother, your great-great-grandmother. As you turn the pages and glance through story after story of women, you began to recognize bits and pieces of their tales. Some of them sound vaguely familiar. Why is that? And then you realize that your hearing of these stories was as incontrovertible fact, documented history, and not-to-be-forgotten lesson about how to behave (or not to behave). But this time, upon reading them anew, through a lens of surprise and delight, you discover that they are one in the same.

These are the same stories you’d been told, just buried in the attic; more, buried under years of doctrine and dogma, religion and ritual. You pour through them, this time as myth, beauty, truth, and inherent feminine wisdom. And in so doing, you realize that you feel companioned, befriended, and far less alone than ever before.

I’m inviting you back to those stories, to that discovery, to the blessing that awaits you – no dusty attic required. I’m inviting you to the truth inherent in these words – written just for you:

…May you always know that you are companioned, befriended, and never alone…

[Admittedly, that whole last part – about the attic and all – is the copy I’ve written to entice others to sign up, as well, but it SO perfectly captures the way I want these stories understood, (re)discovered, and valued/honored/held/loved.]

And so that’s what I’m offering (in the smallest of bites and most digestible of portions) through 52Blessings. I’d LOVE it if you signed up, and, if you felt so inclined, would spread the word to others.

Did I mention how fabulous it was to talk to David today? I’m ever-grateful for his heart for community, for honesty, for truth and for life-together that encourages (and challenges us to) all of the above.