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Disclaimers are important, not only to protect the one disclaiming but to correctly inform people what they are being exposed to. I just put a disclaimer on our Potluck Hangouts. Here it is:

* PLEASE NOTE: The opinions expressed in the Hangouts by members of do not necessarily represent the official position of The Lasting Supper because we don’t have an official position.

“We don’t have an official position” was written tongue-in-cheek, which you members of The Lasting Supper would appreciate. But it is also true. The Lasting Supper does not have an official theological position.

We’re having an atheist panel discussion tonight on our Potluck Hangout “I Think I’m An Atheist”. I’m also doing a hangout with one of our newest members, popular on Facebook, @RevOxley, or the Raging Reverend, who was a strong evangelical but now considers himself an agnostic atheist. Stay tuned for that! I have an inner atheist, but I also have an inner believer. But I wouldn’t want TLS to be understood as an atheist site.

I’m unchurched and I used to be evangelical. There is probably still residue from evangelicalism within me, but I don’t want TLS to be thought of as a site for unchurched evangelicals. Many TLSers still go to church.

I’ve been wounded and I think have recovered from the abuse and oppression I suffered in the church, but I don’t want TLS to be thought of as a site full of disillusioned whiners. We’re anything but. But we’re allowed to be sometimes. There is venting on TLS, because where else are you going to do it without getting attacked, shut down, or asked to hurry up and get over it?

And that’s the point of TLS: you’re allowed to be what you are at the moment without the need of committing to a certain label. We are a site for process. We are a community of searchers. We are a collective for the spiritually independent and free!

I hope to see you at tonight’s Potluck Hangout where you can help yourself!