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revoxleyLast night’s Potluck Hangout was a great success! Thanks so much guys for participating in a very engaging discussion, “I Think I’m An Atheist!” We’ve made this Potluck Hangout public with permission from the participants so that more people can get an idea of what wonderful things are going on at TLS.

We’re still learning the technical intricacies of Google Plus Hangouts, but I think we’re getting better at it. Don’t you?

I like what a few of the members shared… that it was around the time they were 16 years old when things just became too overwhelming to be ignored. They began asking questions and were met with resistance. Rather than helping people realize that questions were a natural and healthy development in one’s spirituality, they instead were told they were being difficult and even unbelieving. They were treated like second-class citizens, rebels and perhaps traitors. There was no longer any room for them. This initiated their progression, or digression depending on which perspective you come from, into agnosticism and eventually, for some, atheism. Their departure from church and sometimes religion was not like an explosion but more like a slow drifting away. They outgrew the limiting containers that were provided for them. That’s why I believe in creating large containers, without walls, like The Lasting Supper.

In keeping with this theme, we’ve already scheduled another Potluck Hangout for Tuesday, April 9, at 10am EST with one of our members, RevOxley, called “Embracing Doubt”. Interested? click here to read more about RevOxley and sign up!

See you at The Lasting Supper… where you can help yourself!