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One of the important lessons we should learn from the Bible is that even if you are right you could be horribly wrong.

The greatest example is Satan. He quotes scripture. He says things that are right. Even in the temptation of Jesus, he was right.

Yet he is called Liar and the father of lies. Why? Because he focused on the details but rejected the big picture.

So don’t be alarmed when your family or friends try to make you feel guilty or condemn you by quoting scripture. Their arguments might sound feasible. They might sound like they’re right. But if they miss the bigger picture of who you are and what you know to be true, then they are horribly wrong.

It’s times like that you need the same courage as Jesus in the wilderness and not take the bait.

It’s like @john who posted “Stupid Stuff I See Online” said, “you are assuming…”. That’s the problem. The underlying assumptions.