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Here are some simple answers that you can use, if you want to, to reply to the question, “So are you still a Christian or not?”

  1. “Yes!”: You can use this to just get them off your back. Or perhaps you really are, realizing that the wide diversity of Christianity somehow encompasses you and your present beliefs.
  2. “No!”: You’ve dropped all your beliefs and can no longer identify as a Christian. Or, because you just don’t know, you can say this to get them off your back forever. Maybe. You could say this because it is actually true.
  3. “Not sure!”: This could be the honest truth. Of course, for those who are “certain” in their beliefs, this will be bothersome. But letting them deal with it is their issue, not yours. You’ve come to the place where certitude is no longer a necessary component of your spirituality, and your confidence is now based in your honesty with yourself.
  4. “That’s really none of your business!”: The longer I am outside of the church the more I realize that for some reason many churches and believers feel they have the right to know intimate details about your spirituality. Did you know that for many people such questions are totally inappropriate? It’s comparable to asking someone what their sexual orientation is. But some people even think that is permissible.
  5. “Oh look! Sea turtles!”: This is what Dora said in “Finding Nemo” after having swam with them for days. Once she got outside of their school she noticed them again as if for the first time. Distraction! Question: “Are you a Christian?” Answer: “I’m really enjoying this coffee! Aren’t you?” I’ve developed this skill into a gift.

You might have your own response. Care to share?