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i believed in miracles drawing by david hayward

I remember publishing this post, “I’ve Never Seen a Miracle”. A few people on this site used to be members of my congregation when I posted this. They probably remember it. It stirred up the shit! (I’m going to swear a bit on this site. The other site is public so I try to keep it PG. This site is intended for gut-wrenching honesty, so swearing’s in! I hope you don’t mind.) After I posted it I had people writing me, phoning me, and coming in to the church to meet with me. Even the director of Vineyard Canada called because he was being informed that he had a “heretic in his vineyard”. It was the beginning of the end. I touched something precious. It was also about this time that some people in the congregation felt I had finally lost it and I was no longer suitable for ministry.

In my mind, either everything’s a miracle or nothing is. It was difficult but liberating to admit the facts.

What about you?

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