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Our ideas about community are changing.

Yesterday we had another Google+ Hangout. I talked with Julia, one of our members. I really think we’re on to something here. The Hangouts convey the same spirit as TLS… not preachy, not a one-man show, and more communal. There were some great questions and discussions. Awesomeness!

At one point Julia suggested that, whereas before her idea of community meant 100% commitment emotionally and time-wise in the church, now it looks entirely different. Before it was quantity. Now it is quality. Before it was breadth. Now it is depth.

That’s what TLS is about as well. You can be on TLS 24/7 or 1/7… whatever you want… and dive into some real depth. Or some serious silliness as well.

You can watch yesterday’s Hangout “Sharing Shared Experiences With Julia” HERE.

Stay tuned for another Hangout soon!