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straight rain crow painting by david haywardThe rain pours down from the heavens, making everyone and everything that lies beneath it wet with its being.

Of course, you can position yourself inside under a funnel and imagine that you are the only one receiving it. That you are special. That you are the only one except for those who gather there with you.

But you’re not. Are you? For the rain falls on all. All beings. All things. It aimlessly falls on everyone and everything.

And it doesn’t simply fall from the heavens. Because first it rose from creation and stored itself in clouds and moved over the face of the earth to unlatch itself from the heavens and fall upon from whence it came.

When we are soaked by the rain we are soaked along with all by the All. You are special as are we all. We have all been blessed by the rain that is not ours but belongs to each and every one of us.

So let the rain blind you to its Mystery, as it should. But don’t let it blind you to the simple and beautiful truth that we are all the same under its indiscriminate downpour.

*** I realized this weekend, more than ever, that it is beauty, and more specifically artist beauty, that is the primary vehicle for truth and meaning to be communicated to me. This is what moves me. Artist beauty. Poetry. Paintings. Drawing. Photographs. Dance. Style. People. Nature. Writing. Sculpture. Essays. Speeches. Music. Films. You name it. Eventually, I will… I just know it… see all things as beautiful and simply and happily drown in Truth and Meaning.