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We’re going to have a “google hangout” this Saturday at 10am Pacific Time. That’s 11am Mountain Time, 12pm Central Time, 1pm Eastern Time, and 2pm Atlantic Time. I’m hoping those in other countries will be able to join us as well… from the UK to South Africa to Thailand to Australia to New Zealand and Mars! One of our members, Richard and I will be having a conversation about some aspects of his own story as a context to cover topics such as:

1. how to rebuild a world view.
2. how to create meaning.
3. how to establish values.
4. how to relate to one’s former community.

It’s sure to be interesting. I can’t wait. Some things you need to do if you want to participate or listen in is (and these are all free and easy):

1. get a google account
2. sign up for google+
3. use Google Chrome as the preferred browser
4. I’m going to create a TLS circle on google+ to make things easy.

We have done some Webinars in the past and will do more in the future. But after talking with some folks, it is generally agreed that hangouts are more germane to the TLS community.

Stay tuned for the invite and password in the next day or so.

Much love to all!