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The theological debates that are going on are fascinating. I watch them from afar with interest. But once in a while, when I feel something ridiculous has been said that needs to be challenged, I’ll throw my two cents in.

Yesterday there was a debate started concerning Rob Bell… that he doesn’t really have the right to speak or write about theology since he isn’t pastoring a church and therefore is not accountable to anyone. Of course I had to respond to that nonsense because it’s just another attempt of church authorities to keep control of the content. That’s a hopeless fantasy. You can read my post about it if you want.

The train has left the station. Theology is no longer controlled by the church. That means, as you know, that our thoughts and the publishing of them is our right, our privilege and sometimes our responsibility. That’s why some of us left the church. That’s why I did. I didn’t appreciate my mind being managed and my mouth being muzzled.

You too, right?

By the way, there’s a discussion of Rob Bell going on right now on TLS. CHECK IT OUT!

Oh! @john and I are going to be doing a Hangout together this weekend sometime. Stay tuned for the time. Woohoo!