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I’m posting this here because I feel safe asking these questions without people getting angry that I asked. A couple of the people I follow on Twitter are doing the usual “you’re not advocating correctly tweets,” but they are saying some stuff that’s making me uncomfortable. the gist of it is a bunch of gay men speaking for the entire umbrella of LGBT and saying that straight advocates of gay marriage are trying to make gay relationships “look like” straight ones. My question is, what does that even mean? I really feel like straight relationships are being painted with a broad brush based on some conservative religious idea. Is this about perception? The one guy even referred to us as “straight, monogamous normies.” It sounded like he was also implying that gay people (men; lesbians don’t seem to exist in his world, nor do bisexuals) are not interested in monogamous relationships.  I don’t want to debate them, but I want to understand what they are referring to because otherwise, it just looks like they’re making a lot of assumptions about people.