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I forget the name of the children’s book that was given to us many years ago. We read it to our kids. It’s about the Inuit, the northern aboriginal peoples of Canada. It tells the story about monsters that lurk beneath the ice and eat children who fall through the ice if it’s too thin. Inuit mythology.

Parents know that it is mythology mainly created to frighten their children enough that they would not wander out onto the thin ice. It is the age-old tactic of using fear to control children.

When I was a young teen I got exposed to apocalyptic Christianity. The book of Revelation, the mark of the beast, the anti-Christ, end-times, Hell, demons… this was all a regular part of my religious diet. I lived most of my teen years absolutely terrified of the demonic, Hell and falling short of God’s grace. Monsters under thin ice waiting to devour me. Immobilizing fear!

I’m fascinated by the conversation, “Gloom and Doom Phenomenon… My Thoughts, Your Thoughts”. Check it out!

What scary stories do you have?