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Every once in a while I want to remind us of our Manifesto. What is it we’re about? Who are we? What are we doing here?

Our Manifesto:

1. I am free. I always have been. I always will be.

2. I have the right to ask questions as a way to become wise.

3. It is my right and responsibility to find my own spiritual path.

4. It is my duty to myself and others to remove the log from my own eye first.

5. I take care of myself before I care about labels or what others call me.

6. It is necessary for me to be true to myself before being true to a community.

7. I recognize my roots but I will not allow them to prevent me from changing.

8. I embrace my unique spirituality and will let my light shine for others.

9. I take charge of my life and will live it wisely, compassionately and joyfully.

10. I am spiritually independent!