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I’ve talked about this before…but it’s one of those things that I think about a lot.

I feel like conservative religion greatly limits artistic expression.

I’m listening to St. Vincent right now and just thinking that she would probably be silenced or shoved in a box if she were a conservative Christian or even another religion.  She isn’t even really controversial.  But I still think she would be limited.

Sensuality isn’t allowed.  Cussing isn’t allowed.  Darkness isn’t allowed.  Sin isn’t allowed.

But that’s not what humanity is.  I think there in a lot of truth in the yin yang.

I am not always a positive person.  I’m not always smiling.  I’m not always laughing.

And I enjoy a good cry sometimes.  Maybe there is something wrong with me.  But sometimes I enjoy my sadness.  Because I feel it so strongly.  And there is something about feeling that is euphoric.

I like watching all sorts of movies…even really fucked up ones.  Because I love stories.  I love sad stories, horrific stories, happy stories, love stories, etc.  Because I can learn something from each of them.  Or I can experience a different part of life through them.  And isn’t that what art is about?

What are your thoughts on conservative religion limiting artistic expression? Do you think it does?  Do you have any examples that come to mind?