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“Perhaps there is a wholeness hidden in the world, and the experience of separation that causes so much of our suffering is an illusion” (Remen, My Grandfather’s Blessing).

Most churches preach separation. Be ye separate! We are a peculiar people! Come out! What does light have to do with darkness?

But what if all this separation religion generally espouses is an illusion? What if religion generally promotes division in order to protect its borders and secure its own citizens? The mystics would say so. Those who have seen would say so.

As we continue our independent journey, it is good to acknowledge that the ideology of separation that we walked away from is a lie and that fundamentally we are all one, and that the worldview and language we use to describe it are all that seems to separates us.

The wisest agree: the illusion of separation is the root of suffering. Therefore the opposite is true: seeing that there is no separation ends suffering.