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I just wanted to catch you guys up on some housekeeping I’m doing. I’m constantly CONSTANTLY thinking of new ways to make TLS a better place. Here’s some things that are on my mind:

  1. The chatrooms are a fun and frenzied way to connect and get to know each other on a more personal level. So we’re just going to use chat for that. You are free to open a chat room at any time or chat with another member of TLS whenever you want to. It’s a service for you to use.
  2. The Potluck Hangouts have been interesting. But the technology is not at a place yet where I can depend on them for creating good productions. They have been very frustrating for me and others. So I’m planning on using the hangouts just for that… spontaneous hangouts to talk about whatever.
  3. I do enjoy doing interviews. So I’m thinking of creating a podcast for interviews and talks that I hope to make available on iTunes and other places. I’ve discovered that many people just listen to the Hangouts anyway, so why not just go ahead and make them audio so they can be mobile?
  4. I hope you enjoy the Daily Bread I send you every day, as well as my Sunday lap-letter. I put a lot of effort into those and I really want them to be of benefit to you.
  5. I’m working on making The Lasting Supper even easier to use. Like an app where you can scroll through the posts. It is a pretty overwhelming site with tons of content all over the place. I’ve got some great ideas for some amazing changes that I am confident you guys will love.

All for you!

If you have any feedback or input, I’d love to hear from you.