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An interesting thread that ended up talking about Job is developing. You should check it out: Abuses In The Name of Christianity.

I said that I believed Job is the biblical book for out time. Here’s some things to learn from Job:

  1.  He never found out why he suffered as he did.
  2. His questions were answered with bigger questions.
  3. His friends had all the correct theological answers but were wrong at a deeper level.
  4. Job’s suffering is explained as a meaningless bet between God and Satan.
  5. Satan lost. But so did Job.
  6. Most often it is better to be silent than to be right.
  7. The meaning of suffering is hidden from us.
  8. Don’t be surprised when you are suffering if you are either attacked or abandoned.
  9. Our minds crave answers. Job finds peace beyond answers.
  10. All is mystery.