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(contact David if you are interested in the original or prints of "Includer")

(contact David if interested in original or prints of “Includer”)

The Lasting Supper is made up of people across the spectrum of belief and non-belief. Actually, that is one of the values we promote here… diversity!

For some diversity is threatening. Many people are most comfortable hanging out with a homogeneous group. It is difficult for some to make the transition from uniformity to diversity. But once one’s values shift from needing everyone to be the same to appreciating the wide diversity of believing and non-believing people, then one’s sense of comfort is restored.

Love does not demand compatibility. In fact, these can be at odds with each other. Love embraces diversity and knows true unity is found and manifested there.

So this Sunday we’re having another Potluck Hangout called “I Believe I Believe” at 2pm PST. I’m inviting anyone who considers themselves on the belief spectrum… somewhere, anywhere, not-sure… to be a part of this potluck. Like any potluck, we bring what we want, what we have, what we can, and we can take a taste of the unique dishes others bring to the table.

If you think you might be interested, please sign up now. I hope to see you there!