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Most of you know I left the ministry and the church three years ago. For a long time I could not and would not listen to worship music, read my bible, pray, meditate, or do anything that even remotely reminded me of my previous spiritual practices. I rejected all associations.

But I’ve begun to notice something about myself: after about two years or so, I can start to let some of these things back into my life in measured doses and on different terms. My relationship to them is entirely changed and more suited to my new spiritual state. Now I will let an occasional worship song play through my iPod. I will meditate on a passage of scripture. I will contemplate and commune with The Mystery. On the outside it might look the same. But on the inside it is radically different. You know what I mean.

So this Sunday, May 19, at 8pm Central Time, we are going to have a Potluck where anybody can participate in called “Hypo-Allergenic Spiritual Practices for the Religiously Fed-Up”. Sign up here. Come and share your stories, ask questions, or just listen in. It will be live on air to stream if you want, and it will be recorded so you can watch it later as well.

Our main guest is Phyllis Mathis. You might remember her from an earlier Potluck we did some time ago called “Walking Wounded”.

Can’t wait.