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where is the church cartoon by david hayward

“Where Is The Church” by David Hayward (ink on paper, 8″x8″)

Some people think I hate the church. They read superficially. They think through the narrow conservatism and their myopic understanding of what Christianity and the church are.

I love the church and argue that people should have the right to gather together for religious reasons and that everything should be done to assure that these gatherings are healthy. But unfortunately this is rare in my experience and observations. I may not be inside a local church. But I carry the church inside of me.

Lisa and I have recently talked about maybe occasionally visiting churches. We’ve even been invited to meet with others in someone’s home. I didn’t say no.

I do insist that the church as an institution is a power that is extremely dangerous… as dangerous as government, the military, and Wall Street… and needs her prophets to continually challenge her to be compassionate, gracious and just.

But when the church, or any people gathering for religious or spiritual purposes, compassionately serves all people, then it fulfills its mission.