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I had a dream Saturday night that has stuck with me. Here it is:

A woman is in my face scolding me that what I was given was a gift… meaning that it could be taken back. I’m upset and insist that it was an inheritance, meaning that it is mine to keep.

I wrote this dream down when I woke up. I always write down my dreams. They communicate something. They are attempts of our subconscious to make us aware of something we aren’t aware of. Lisa and I have been talking about this dream. She senses that it is about my struggle with my vocation, that what I have is a gift, that I am not to squander it or take it lightly or throw it away. She feels it was my inner self compelling me to appreciate the gift and use it.

It is no accident that this would come to me at the end of this season of struggle. But it has given illumination for the path I’ve trod and for the path ahead.

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