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There are a few Žižek fans on TLS, so I thought I’d share this quote from him:

“When a discipline is in crisis, attempts are made to change or supplement its thesis within the terms of its basic framework – a procedure one might call ‘Ptolemization’ (since when data poured in which clashed with Ptolemy’s earth-centered astronomy, his partisans introduced additional complications to account for the anomalies). But the true ‘Copernican’ takes place when, instead of adding complications and changing minor premises, the basic framework itself undergoes a transformation. So, when we are dealing with a self-professed ‘scientific revolution’, the question to ask is always: is this truly a Copernican revolution, or merely a Ptolemization of the old paradigm?” (The Sublime Object of Ideology)

Are you spiritually going through a Copernican Revolution? How long can you hold on to the old before it collapses? How welcoming or threatening is the new paradigm for you?

I did a cartoon and commentary about this today at nakedpastor.