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I left my former church last year for a different one and one of my longings and desires wasnt to become a member. i just wanted to be in my church, be a member of the whole body of Christ without any affiliations except people. this is because its what i had come out of ..organisation, vision ,..all these things and i wanted to relax. this new church has contributed to where i am today. i appreciate it…and i do appreciate the change….

when i joined i was invited to sing..i love to sing so i joined the choir….i inquired and the person said its i did…along the way i knew this would come up..Need to be a church member, understand the vision..all these things…but i knew in my heart of hearts i wasnt ready.
i knew i couldnt fulfil the expectations that came with all these things..and i also want to relate with people based on the fact that they are human. not necessarily because they are a member of my church..
so recently i was invited to attend a camp meeting that is scheduled for Jan and as a member of the choir i need to be there but i dont fulfil all the requirements. i am not a member of the church, i dont belong to a i read through and i decided…i am not ready for this and i cant do it based on all these requirements.

my greatest joy comes in when i decided to write to the pastor whose invitation was personally written to me by him and i told him that i am not ready for everything. well i havent yet gotten a response from him.i hope he read it…am glad i was able to communicate..though i wasnt able to tell him the underlying reasons…i dont even know if he’s interested ..but it’s ok.
i may not be member of the choir team anymore and even if i remain,.i would still feel guilty for not fulfilling the many requirements…everyone else has done the necessary…
the ball is in his courts….am learning to be free from the guilt of communicating what’s on my heart.

i started my new job, it’s almost two weeks now and i am glad and happy…i know it’s going to be a great experience..
thank you TLS for allowing me to be here. i appreciate everyone of you and respect your stories and journeys…Thank you David…

blessings and love to ya’ll