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The literal translation of the Greek word for church, “ekklesia“, is “called out”.

It’s been bashed over my head many times that what this means is Christians are called out of the world and into the church. It’s been used to coerce me into faithful church membership and separation from the surrounding culture.

But what if “called out” is just simply that? I’m now thinking: What if it means just being called out? Not subscribing to any one thing. Not being confined or controlled or contained within any structure, institution, organization or group. What if it means never being stuck, sedated, or trapped? What if it means everyone is on their own journey? What if it just means getting out of slavery of any kind? What if called out just means get out?

The bible certainly has enough stories to support this idea. Adam and Eve left the garden. Abraham left Ur. Moses left Egypt. David left the pasture. Jeremiah left Israel. Jesus left the temple. Paul left the synagogue. John left the mainland.

I’ve been called out. I’ve left. And I always will.

How about you?