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Have you ever gotten lost where you’ve never been? I have. I am.

It’s one thing to get lost in a place you’ve been. The best thing to do is just wait, calmly, for someone to find you or until you recognize a familiar marking and can find your own way back.

But what if you’ve never been here before? What if there is no recognizable marking? What if you, like a pioneer, intended to be here? What if you left the recognizable to find a new land knowing that you had to blaze a new trail on purpose no one had ever travelled before? What if you knew beforehand that you would fight the feeling of being lost on a daily basis? What if you suspected before you ever broke out that you would have to, accompanied by this scary sense of lostness, press even deeper into the wilderness?

This is the way it is. Like many, we could change our minds, retrace our own steps, and return to the familiar. Or we can continue on in the same direction: out to a better place more suitable to us.

I’m glad you’re with me. You guys provide inspiration for the journey, and I thank you.

(*** Some members want a secret Facebook group exclusively for TLS members. TLS will remain the actual source for giving and receiving food. The secret Facebook group is for rapid realtime connectivity. If you want an invitation, message or email or Facebook @pamwerner or @moxierocks)