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I follow and interact with a diverse range of people online, especially on Twitter. One of those is Tiffany Reisz, author of The Siren, first book in a series of books about, Nora, a professional dominatrix and her attempts to get published. The writing is very good and the descriptions of the sexual encounters fairly frank. Especially the fetished lifestyle she can’t quite escape. And how one of the characters is a Catholic Priest.

Reisz is generally pretty frank and fresh. So I was surprised when she posted on Twitter a little while ago that she was enjoying Philip Yancey.

If you don’t know him, Philip Yancey is an evangelical Christian author who is rather a lot like a modern C. S. Lewis. He mostly has sadness and puzzlement for (say) the less-tolerant and more extreme of Christian behaviour. But he always questions. He has always questioned. Just… not (perhaps) quite as much say Frank Viola/George Barna (Pagan Christianity) or Israel Finkelstein/Neil Silberman (The Bible Unearthed).

I haven’t read Yancey in years. Certainly I read him long before I made a serious commitment to exploring spirituality away from the church. But I remember him questioning. I’m going to push Disappointment With God up high on my TBR pile. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Reisz enjoys him. She’d get on well with most TLSers.